Boys Room Wall Decal Ideas

When you want a special room for your little boy, look here for ideas and inspiration!

Is your little man a fan of Ben 10?  Why not decorate his room with Ben 10 wall decals.

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Lady Gaga Wall Decals

The Weird?  The Wonderful? Or the Wonderfully Weird?

I think she is both cool and weird. Although lets admit it, her weirdness is what makes her cool and it’s what makes her stand out from most celebrities. Lady Gaga knows exactly what she’s doing. Compared to stars falling in the same musical category she always leaves her fans and the media anticipating her next move or next outfit.

Visit the shop and get your Lady Gaga Decal today!

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Todays dose of “Coolness” Wall Decals #2

Here is your weekly dose of  fun Wall Decals

Bang Bang Wall Decal – buy Now

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Nelson Mandela Wall Decals

Nelson Mandela embodies passion.  He teaches us that no matter how humble our beginnings, we can do the extraordinary.  He is known and loved as South Africa’s Hero, for he has given up his private life and his youth for equality.

Nelson Mandela symbolises those universal virtues that unite us as a Rainbow Nation and as human beings all over the world.  He personifies, resilience, conviction, temperance, compassion, mercy, courage, humility and wisdom.
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Facebook Like and Login Wall Decals

Today as I walked around my house I thought “wouldn’t it be cool, if you can Facebook “like” everyday things in and around your home.

And so my newest product was born.

Below are some ideas on where to use your Facebook Like decals. Hope you enjoy it.

  • The great debate; Toilet seat up or down?
  • I say down, what do you say?

  • Ever gone too the loo, only to discover there is no more TP???
  • Well, now you can encourage your significant other to put a new roll on, when they used the last bit of the toilet paper.

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