How to install a wall decal

There are 2 different ways that you may receive your decal:

  • with transfer tape(masking tape on top of the decal)
  • without transfer tape.

If your decal did not come with transfer tape then please skip to  Method 2.

Please consider, as with most art, patience is required. Try not to rush through things. Be sure to take your time. If your graphic is large then we highly suggest getting a friend to help you. It will be much easier and more fun this way.  Should you get confused or have a question don’t hesitate to call or email us. Read more

I Love South Africa

I love South Africa.  Its the only place where your heart beats in the rythem of the sunset and the light of the moon burns into the back of your eyes so that you will never forget it, a place where the national rugby team can ignite a nation in a fan frenzy, a place where you eat biltong to your hearts content.  South Africa has my soul and I will allow her to keep my soul forever

Every time the wind blows it blows over us all, we are all South African, we are alike.

In celebration of our amazing country I have created a I LOVE SOUTH AFRICA section in the shop.  Enjoy!

Aloe Plant Wall Sticker

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Gorgeous girls room wall decals

Create a dream bedroom for your little princess with these great wall decals.

Does your little girl dream of becoming a ballerina one day?  Inspire her with one of these

The ballet shoes with name wall sticker

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