Inspirational Quotes

As human beings we all experience some of the same concerns, plights and conditions at various times in our lives; we know this from reading Inspirational Quotes from authors, humanitarians, and leaders from the past as well as the present.

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Another Happy Wall Decal Customer!

This decal was done in a chocolate brown matt vinyl. The client opted for self installation and did an awesome job!

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Thanks for the photo!

By +Chantelle Wasserman

What is Love?

Love; one of the most widely written about topics in the world and yet, surprisingly, to this date we still do not have a universally acceptable definition of love.

Is it what we see in the movies – a passionate attachment between two people – the dizzy-room-is-spinning kind of feeling and your stomach is filled with butterflies.  We have been taught that falling in love with someone is about “following our heart, not our mind” that love by definition is “mystical and beyond reason”.   But if it is really love that we feel then we do feel it for a reason.  The reason may not be conscious or accessible but it does exist.

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