Vintage is the new black

Everything vintage seems to be taking over the design world.   Why do you like all things vintage?

I love the elaborate hair styles, glamorous yet simple make up, and cute tailored out fits. Women like Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page and so on made it empowering for women to be beautiful.

I love dressing up everyday like it’s a celebration, because everyday that we live is a celebration. I love looking great and I love being a lady.

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What time is it?

The illimitable, silent, never-resting thing called Time, rolling, rushing on, swift, silent, like an all-embracing ocean-tide, on which we and all the universe swim like exhalations, like apparitions which are, and then are not…. ~Thomas Carlyle

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Happy Decal Customer: Innovision and Jam & Dasies!

I recently had the opportunity to add some Crazy Sexiness to a new Restaurants walls.  I really had a blast designing, making and installing these decals.

I saw how wall colours influence the vinyl’s colour;  On all three decals I used the same grey vinyl but it looks different on every wall surface.

The Tree below is called the Tree of Life and stands 2.4meters tall. The tree can be found in the Conference room at Jam and Daisies

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SA Topsites :: Afrigator Crazy Sexy Cool recived SABest Stamp of Approval