Speech and Personality Development

Being a one-woman show in the decal/decorating industry for a while I more and more realise the importance of getting your message across. Whether it  is face-to-face, Facebook, emails, Twitter, talking over the phone, etc, we are constantly communicating and building relationships.
So for a bit of self improvement I did some research on the importance of speech and thought i’d share it with you.

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Outdoor Wall Fun

Such a cool way to plant some herbs and other plants if you have limited space!

Found at  Bridgman Garden Design Blog

Mother’s Day

Mothers can be almost any size or age, but she will rarely admit to being over thirty and we love them for who they are.

Mothers have soft hands and smell good.  A mother likes her children’s kisses, Daddy, a clean house, and an automatic dishwasher.

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Boardroom Branding

Potential clients are drawn to your offices for various reasons but at the end  of the day it is your product that drives their decision.  Your reception and front office need to stimulate your potential clients interest to enquire more about your products and services.

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