Women’s Day

Each year on the 9th of August, South Africans of all backgrounds, races and cultural groups join together in celebrating National Women’s Day. This annual public holiday commemorates an eventful day in South Africa’s history – 9 August 1956.

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Expo Display Stand for Clyde on 4th at NAADA fair

On Thursday I decorated Clyde on 4th‘s stand for the National Antiques and Decorative Arts fair  (NAADA)  with quote decals.

We used a total of 13 Quotes across his beautiful corner stand at the Sandton Convention Centre.

Clyde Terry has been operating his antiques website for 16 years and has also been a frequent exhibitor at South Africa’s Premier Antiques Fairs.2 years ago he opened a shop in Melville after relocating from Durban.

Below is a small excerpt from Clyde’s website just to sum up what they are all about.

“The main objective of Clyde on 4th, is to provide a haven for collectors collecting Georgian, Art Nouveau, Art-Deco and 1950’s objects.Clyde takes pride in trying to help collectors to find what they are looking for and has helped to add to many fine collections world wide.As a child Clyde would always be in Antique shops and at auction sales where a strong foundation was set by the fine shops that were to be found in his home town.”

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“Sale” Signage and Decals for Shop Windows

NEW at CrazySexyCool Wall Decals; SALE shop window signage and decals.

In the world of retail, SALES come and go with each season, therefore I have created the new SALE signage decal range to cater to your specific needs.

Season specific decal.  The season can be changed to the relevant time of year.

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Exhibition Stand for Rorotika Technologies at VAS Africa

On Monday I set up an exhibition stand for Rorotika Technologies.  Below are a few pics of the stand and the set-up process.

The stand consists of 10 panels.  5 of the panels were white and 5 were covered in black vinyl.  The back black wall with the main logo on was built out with an aluminium frame to pop a bit from the wall.  On the other 4 black walls we mounted posters, and angled them forward to catch your eye when walking past.  These posters are interchangeable and can easily be replaced with new ones.

3 of the white walls got some decal treatment and the other 2 were left blank.

The whole stand was built to be reusable and light weight.  Thanks Rorotika for the opportunity to build your stand for you.  The stand is currently at VAS Africa at the Hilton Hotel Sandton and will be moved to Caesars  Palace tomorrow for the next conference.

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