Happy Office Decal Customer

I did some great office decals for Baseline IT based in Brooklyn Pretoria, in their Tech room just the other day.

The idea was to create a creative  space, where employees can participate in the atmosphere and decor, a place were they had some say in their physical office environment.

Baseline IT tech room before

Baseline IT Office Before

So we made a CPU tower and some motherboard lines to grow ideas on chalkboard speech bubbles.

Baseline IT Office decals

Baseline Office After Read more

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas

Can you believe it the end of the year is in sight and Christmas decor is springing up all around!

Christmas has many different meanings for different people, from Christianity to spirituality to family time.

To me, Christmas is a day to bond with those you have maybe lost touch with. It’s a day to enjoy the company of loved ones. Christmas is a time to think about how much of an impact you had in people’s lives this year. A time where we reflect on the year and accept, what happened. It is a time to bring everyone and everything together; no fighting, no arguing. Simply enjoying the time we still have together. And the time spent in the past with loved ones. Time is precious and every moment should be lived like it will be remembered forever.

Add to the festivities! Don’t go unnoticed and get left behind! Decorate your shop or car dealership windows with these festive decals.

Christmas Baubles window decals Read more

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