Did you know that CrazySexyCool sells chalkboard labels?

Get your home organised with our lovely chalkboard labels! These labels are perfect on glass,plastic, metal and wood (any smooth and flat surface will do).

Use them to spice up your pantry, organise your office, label your stationery or create beautiful place settings. Plus they are dishwasher safe.  Who does not love dishwasher safe…  :)

They work great in the garage too, to organise all the different types of fasteners and and little bits and bobs.

You can even make a “Happy Moments” jar, where you write every happy moment on a piece of paper and stick it in the jar, and then a year from now open it up and relive those great memories.

chalk lables


chalkboard label shapes


Would you like to jump on the organised life bandwagon? Email me today and lets get chalking.


P.S. We also have chalkboard pencils for sale :)

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