Hi all,

Something I hear on a daily basis is “I love decals, but I have textured walls” :-/

In my world textured walls is something you can always work with and I wanted to share a few ideas on how you can use decals without having to re-plaster your walls 😉

Look at the pics below and if you have another idea, please feel free to email or call me or share it in the comments below :)

city decal on canvas

Silhouette  city skyline decal on white canvas

decals on old windowDecals on up-cycled glass windows

decals on painted wood

Decals on painted wood, such a cool shabby chic effect

vinyl on perspex

Decals on perspex and mounted to the wall

monograms on glass picture frameDecals on picture frame glass

dining room decals on canvas

Decals on canvas in the dining room

decals on blocks of wood

Decals on blocks of  wood

blossoms decal on cavnas

Blossoms decal on cavnas

trees on blocks painted canvas

Tree decals on blocks of painted canvas

Have an idea? Email me :)

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