Not only have we made decorating your nursery super easy, we are also having a less 25% special on our DIY kits.

Check out the image and get all the specs below.

Decorate you room in 3 easy steps

All you have to do is:

  • Step1: Choose a branch – 3 different styles and 3 different colours (white, brown, dark grey) to choose from Branches are +/- 1.2meters long
  • Step2: Choose your Birdies – Five different sets to choose from Birdie sizes vary from. (Set1. 22cm; Set2. 21cm; Set3. 24cm; Set4. 14-2cm; Set5. 11cm)
  • Step 3: Choose your leaves – Two different greens to choose from and there are 45 leaves in a set.

We also have ready made up sets you can choose from too.

  • Set #1: Owl on branch with chalkboard thought bubble – The branch is 1m long, the owl is 40cm in height and the chalkboard thought bubble is 55cm wide
  • Set#2: Cute monkeys swinging from vines – The vines are 1.2m each and the monkeys are roughly 40cm in height each.
  • Set#3: Love Birds – The Love bird tree is 2.6m high with a 1m side branch and the birdies are  24cm in height
  • Set#4: Butterflies (49 Butterflies in the set)

Hurry! Offer ends 25 February. Send me an email to place your order. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.


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