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I have put together some tips and ideas for creating your perfect nursery.

Colour scheme:

First You will need to choose a colour scheme for the nursery.  Almost any colour can work but it’s usually best to keep colours on the clear, light side. Little ones don’t usually like sophisticated dark shades which can make the typical small bedroom feel and look even smaller. – See more here


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Pick modern, white lighting for your walls and ceilings. White always looks modern and fresh and the whimsicality and playfulness can come from the shape of the light.
Place some table lamps in the room with a low wattage bulb for those late nights feeding and changing your little one.
Check out these beautiful lamps from Hushlamps with hidden designs that are only revealed once you switch the light on. Such a pleasant surprise every time :)



When choosing furniture for the nursery, keep in mind that it will have a big impact on the room’s style, setting the tone for a contemporary, classic or whimsical.

Here are some valuable guidelines on how to choose the best baby crib to make your nursery pop.

When it comes to modern baby cribs,  it is all about the non-traditional. Symmetry has new meaning so brace yourself for designs that will leave you puzzled, but wanting for more. Here are some of the characteristics that you will find with modern baby cribs:

  • In the Framework: modern baby cribs moved away from the high back panel, curved or sleigh look. Rather, they embrace a minimalist perspective that has designs that are out of the box and unique. In the modern world, less means more.
  • Edgy Legs: Traditional legs are either claw foot or straight-as-an-arrow. The modern innovative designs for the crib legs vary from a solid block platform or elongated side panels, to crib legs that are circular, curved or protrude outwards.
  • Atypical Crib Slats: Crib slats design also changed.  New designs, include thin, round or wide slats, however still adhering to the required standard of being no more than 6cm apart.
  • New Resourceful Materials: Contemporary baby cribs typically consist of light, durable materials that are often eco-friendly, and comply with the highest safety standards.
  • Relaxed Colors: Most modern baby cribs are available in neutral colors such as white, grey and sometimes black. The calming colors allow you and the baby to enjoy its exotic subtleness and accentuate your baby bedding and designs.


Dressing your nursery or kid’s room can be one of the most enjoyable parts of decorating, but knowing what accessories to choose and how to use them can prove challenging, especially when money is limited.

  • Keep it basic and use versatile items.
versatile nursery accessories
  • Use the rule of 3. The basic idea of this rule is that accessories should be arranged in groups of odd numbers, such as 1,3,5 etc. While there are definitely exceptions to the rule, especially when you want to use symmetry.
modern nursey accessories
  • Let your imagination run wild. This is where you can create a wonderland for your little one using wall decals. Wall decals transforms your blank canvass into a magical place where baby, mommy and daddy can and want to spend hours in.

custom wall decals for nurseries

Need any help designing your perfect nursery?  Call me :)  I can help you find anything and everything you need for your little one’s room and put the whole look together :)


Tune in next week for tips on how to organise your nursery.

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