CrazySexyCool did some large scale wall decals for the DRA office in Sunnighill, Johannesburg, where most of their engineering and support staff are located.

DRA Minerals large Gears decal

DRA started out as an electrical and control company in 1984, and soon diversified by offering mechanical, civil and structural engineering design, project and construction management and winder engineering services.  Once they established strong engineering capabilities in these areas of expertise, they evolved into a ‘fit for purpose’ service provider delivering fast-track plants to their clients.

DRA Minerals large Gears and gold bars decal
First off the wall was painted the exact same green as their CI states. I always suggest that paint cures for 2 weeks before applying decals and so we waited.  Then I installed 2 large white decals on the 7 meter wall. This space is now well on it’s way to become a great welcoming area outside the boardroom.

The gears are 2.2 meters high and roughly 2.3 meters wide.

Gears wall decal

The gold bars are 2.2 meters x 1.4meters

Gold Bars Wall Decal DRA MInerals

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