On Monday I set up an exhibition stand for Rorotika Technologies.  Below are a few pics of the stand and the set-up process.

The stand consists of 10 panels.  5 of the panels were white and 5 were covered in black vinyl.  The back black wall with the main logo on was built out with an aluminium frame to pop a bit from the wall.  On the other 4 black walls we mounted posters, and angled them forward to catch your eye when walking past.  These posters are interchangeable and can easily be replaced with new ones.

3 of the white walls got some decal treatment and the other 2 were left blank.

The whole stand was built to be reusable and light weight.  Thanks Rorotika for the opportunity to build your stand for you.  The stand is currently at VAS Africa at the Hilton Hotel Sandton and will be moved to Caesars  Palace tomorrow for the next conference.

expo stand reusable walls

Assembly started with the back black wall and aluminium frame

exhibition stand back wall complete

Exhibition stand back wall complete

exhibition stand right walls

Back and right walls of the expo stand

expo stand,left in process

Expo stand, left walls in process

Putting up the exhibition stand posters

Putting up the exhibition posters

Complette Rorotika Technologies stand for VAS Africa

Complete Rorotika Technologies stand for VAS Africa

Do you need an expo stand, branding or wall decals for an expo stand?   Contact me by using my custom quote from.

By +Chantelle Wasserman

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