I recently had the opportunity to add some Crazy Sexiness to a new Restaurants walls.  I really had a blast designing, making and installing these decals.

I saw how wall colours influence the vinyl’s colour;  On all three decals I used the same grey vinyl but it looks different on every wall surface.

The Tree below is called the Tree of Life and stands 2.4meters tall. The tree can be found in the Conference room at Jam and Daisies

Buy this tree

Buy this tree

Then I stuck a Lamp post (1.9meters high) in the main dining area across from the fireplace.

Get this Lamp Post Wall Sticker

Then lastly I installed a cherry blossom tree in the family/disabled bathroom entrance way.  It was quite difficult to take a picture of this tree as space is very narrow.  The Tree stands about 2meters tall with blossoms blowing in the wind towards the door.

Buy this Cherry Blossom Tree

Thanks you Innovision and Jam & Dasies for the opportunity to be part of this exciting project!

By +Chantelle Wasserman

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