There are 2 different ways that you may receive your decal:

  • with transfer tape(masking tape on top of the decal)
  • without transfer tape.

If your decal did not come with transfer tape then please skip to  Method 2.

Please consider, as with most art, patience is required. Try not to rush through things. Be sure to take your time. If your graphic is large then we highly suggest getting a friend to help you. It will be much easier and more fun this way.  Should you get confused or have a question don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Your wall decal consists of 3 layers:

  • Bottom Layer=Base Paper
  • Middle Layer=Vinyl
  • Top Layer(semi transparent)=Transfer Tape

Both Top and Bottom Layers are used for installation only and will be discarded after the installation

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Masking Tape
  • Squeegee(provided)
  • Damp Cloth

Optional items:

  • Level & Ruler(if alignment is necessary)
  • Craft Knife(helpful if trimming of corners is needed)

Method 1

Step 1.

When you receive your wall decal unroll it and lay it flat. Use the squeegee to flatten any rolls/wrinkles that may be present. It is important to flatten from the centre outward. Flip the graphic over and repeat the same step onto the back side.

Some large items are separated into 2 or more sections on the same sheet. Others come with lots of different art close together. In either case, use scissors to cut them apart from each other. If your decal is a quote with many lines of text then it may be easier to cut in between lines of text and apply the quote 2 lines at a time.
Use your damp cloth to clean the wall of dust. If your walls are very dirty then you should consider using alcohol or Windex. Let it dry COMPLETELY for at least 20 minutes. Damp walls do not accept adhesive. If your walls have recently been painted then please allow 3-4 weeks for the paint to cure. Uncured paint is reluctant to accept adhesive.

Step 2.

Using an erasable pencil make levelling marks on the left and right of both the wall decal and the wall.
Tear off six 10cm  pieces of masking tape and stick them to the wall ready for use.

Step 3.

Position the wall graphic on the wall, align the pencil marks. Now your graphic should be level.
Secure the wall decal by taping the top/centre and the bottom/centre. Also tape the left side. Wall decals should be taped securely as to not allow any tilt. After taping take a step back to observe if the location is satisfactory.

NOTE: if your decal is “taller” than it is wide, then it would be best to tape the “left & right” instead of the top & bottom. Then apply the wall sticker in 2 parts as explained below. But, instead of applying a left and right side, you would apply a top and bottom.

Step 4.

Starting on the right side, SLOWLY pull up on the transfer tape. Make sure that ALL of the vinyl comes up with the transfer tape. Pull it till you reach the centre.
*Tip: Sometimes the wall vinyl sticks to the base paper. Using your squeegee or finger, apply firm pressure to that part of the graphic to help the transfer paper adhere to the vinyl.Cut away that half of the base paper. Discard the base paper. Use your hand(or squeegee) to smooth the vinyl onto the wall from middle outward.
*Tip – when lifting the transfer tape, use the masking tape to secure any loose hanging base paper.

Step 5.

Now remove all masking tape(top, bottom, and left) and go through the above step again for the other side. Once your graphic is stuck to the wall use the squeegee to secure the design onto the wall. Use strokes from the middle outward.

Step 6.

SLOWLY remove the transfer tape making sure that ALL vinyl sticks to the wall.
*Tip – If the vinyl is reluctant to stick to the wall and sticks to the transfer tape then do as follows. Dampen a cloth or sponge with water. Use it to moisten the transfer tape. Allow time for the transfer tape to saturate. This will weaken the adhesive bond between the transfer tape and vinyl allowing easier removal.
That’s It!

Method 2

For Wall Decals “without” transfer tape. (dots, squares, rings)
Some of the wall decals (design packs) that we sell do not require transfer tape. You can just peel the decal off and apply it to the wall. Just make sure that you clean the wall with a damp cloth to remove dust/dirt and let the wall dry COMPLETELY before applying wall decals.

Tips and Tricks:
With any of our wall decals you will have to peel the vinyl off the base paper. Try bending the base paper away from the vinyl instead of picking at it with your finger nail. This will prevent your wall decal from having an icky “picked” edge.
When smoothing the vinyl onto the wall, smooth from the centre outward. Its okay to just use your finger tips…that’s how we do it.
You may choose to overlap dots/birds/rings etc. If you do, just know that it is VERY difficult to  to remove it from one another and the decal may get damaged.
Some kits come with a large hollow ring/square. Handle these with delicacy. Make sure that the sticky part does not fall and stick to itself or it will damage. Very frequently when applying large hollow rings and squares you may end up with a small raised bend that does not lay flat. Don’t panic, there is an easy fix. Take an craft blade or scissors and make a small cut in the bend. This will allow the vinyl to lay flat and is not noticeable.

Method 3

If you feel that you would rather we stick the decal for you, please contact me and we can set up an appointment.

*Installation service is charged according to distance travelled and time required.

Click the link for tips to remove a wall decal

Download the Decal Installation Instructions

By +Chantelle Wasserman

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