Why Organise?

Organising your nursery is vital.  Everything in your nursery should have a home as this ensures that your nursery is set up for ease of use for all hours of the day (even 03:00 Am).  The nursery is a busy place, there is always something going on – nappy changes, feeding, clothing changes, sleeping and playtime.  If you don’t have a space for all the toys, clothes, nappies, and all the other baby products then your nursery can go from a sanctuary to utter chaos in seconds.


Nappies, nappies and more nappies.

One of the most important areas to organise is your nappy changing station. Let’s face it you will be spending a lot of time here and you don’t want to get caught short. So put together an organised system that is easy for you to use and maintain.

chest of drawers

The ‘outfit’ changing area

A chest of drawers works great, it can double as your “nappy” station as well as the “outfit” changing station.
The top of the chest of drawers is usually big enough to have everything at your finger tips, including your nappy caddy.

Organising your chest of drawers is essential to your ease of use.  Put the items that you use most at the top, usually that is more nappies, lotions, creams and wipes.

top drawer

Organise the other drawers with boxes and dividers you put in the drawers. This way you van easily divide socks, vests, tops and bottoms.

2nd drawer

A great idea is to mark the drawers with tags or decals so you can easily see what is in each drawer without having to open them all.

drawer tags


I highly recommend getting a large nappy caddy so that you can not only fit in your nappies, but also keep your other everyday essentials in it such as cotton balls,  creams, hand santisers and off course wipes.

Keep your caddy close to the action – the nappy action that is 😉

The extras

Keep some storage bins in the closet where you store all of the extras and not let it clutter up your space.
Here you can put all the clothes that don’t fit, extra nappies especially if they are too big still for your little one and all the toys that your baby is not playing with at the moment. Label all the bis and containers so you can easily see what is in them :)

closet storage


Make sure when organising your nursery that you keep in mind that in a blink of an eye your baby will be a toddler and the space will need to transform quickly to meet their growing needs.

I hope that through this post you got some tips and ideas for organising your nursery.

**Image Credit: utterlyorganised

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