Happy New Year to you all! Here’s wishing you an adventurously creative 2012!

10 Days into the New Year, and I am sure many of you are still stuck in holiday mode.  I am only just starting to feel like myself again.

A trending topic this past week was New Years Resolutions.  Have you made any?

The New year signifies new beginnings for many people, and so they make New Year Resolutions, such as exercise more, eating healthy, or any other self or lifestyle improvement.  We make our resolutions with so much conviction, so then why do so many people struggle to stick to their them?

I did some research and found the number one culprit to be that their Resolutions are not SMART; Specific, Measurable, Attainable; Realistic, connected to a Time frame.

Studies have found if people break their resolutions up into action plans with clear steps to reach your goal, you are 31% more likely to succeed.

My husband and I decided to create 30 day projects as our new year resolutions.  The theory is that you can break any habit in 30days or in the same breath create one. It is important to note that the doing a 30day project means that each and every day you have to do something specific like for instance; walk around the block once every day, and not wait until the 29th day to cram everything in.  Keep track of your progress and at the end of every 30days tally the days you completed the task and give yourself a %score.  You can’t fail a 30day project you can only improve.

Here is a Printable 30 Day Project Plan for you to use if you want to join in :)






By +Chantelle Wasserman

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