Nelson Mandela embodies passion.  He teaches us that no matter how humble our beginnings, we can do the extraordinary.  He is known and loved as South Africa’s Hero, for he has given up his private life and his youth for equality.

Nelson Mandela symbolises those universal virtues that unite us as a Rainbow Nation and as human beings all over the world.  He personifies, resilience, conviction, temperance, compassion, mercy, courage, humility and wisdom.

When you are this passionate, you have a clear purpose in life.  Passion fuels life and creates an abundance of energy that sustain your actions. I am sure all of you have been near someone that has found their passion in life and experienced their charisma and forcefulness that compels us to follow their lead and do great things.

Because Mandela is the ultimate example of a person that found his passion in life, I have decided to release a couple of decals to honour him and all that he embodies.

By +Chantelle Wasserman

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