Awhile ago I did a blog post regarding Boardroom Branding, but what about the rest of your office? Most companies understand that Branding is one of the most important elements in your business.  Your brand can either go global or fall flat.  Your brand is how you are perceived by others, what they think about your product and how they view it.  You want this to be as positive as possible, since this perception can lead directly to sales – or the lack of sales.

With this in mind, then, it is important that you make sure that all of the things that can impact your brand, or public perception, are positive. Your office is just one of these contributing factors, as it reflects your brand, and these reflections can do a lot to either help or hinder your company and your product.

Office decals can help your brand in the following 5 ways

#1 Consitency

Branding should not stop with the business cards and a website. It should be infused into the space where everything happens. It should be all around the employees and it should speak to the clients. It should be the environment.
Say for instance you are a small but modern business then the furniture and lighting should say just that.  People will find it hard to believe you are modern if they are sitting and staring at a flowery painting on the wall. It is all about the message and the image telling the same story.

Put something modern in your reception area wall, like some geometric shapes

#2 Clutter free

Make sure your office space is free of clutter.  Clutter will distract from your brand and the message you are trying to convey.

You can also use branding to identify spaces; a sort of dual purpose branding. Like for instance this company’s interior designer (see picture below). It was a small company and they did not have a receptionist, so they needed to be able to guide clients to where they needed to go. The company logo had bubbles in it, so they used different colour bubbles decals on the office floor. They put their branded bubbles on the ground, some in blue, some in green. The different colors lead to different rooms, making it very easy for them to explain to the client where to go: ‘Just follow the blue bubbles.’ Clients notice touches like this in an office, but so do everyday users. It makes the space a little bit less corporate and more personal.

branding office decals

#3 Does the design reflect your brand values

Branding is individual to each company and office, but with a little imagination, you can make your space reflect the business identity without spending a fortune. Decals are an easy way to decorate your office without breaking the bank.

Enhance your company’s culture by showcasing your ‘brand’ and ‘community.’ Your corporate culture is the soul of your firm and impacts the way the public and your own employees experience your organization.

Use your company mission and vision and turn them into office decals

#4 How professional does it feel

In order to get someone to come into your office they must be able to identify you from outside.  Your company logo should be clearly visible on the outside of your office, but it doesn’t stop there as soon as someone walks through the door they must know they are in the right place, so it is important that you have your logo in reception as well.   Putting your logo in reception gives the space an identity — it tells others and reminds us what we are here to do


The physical appearance of your office can lay the foundation for your corporate culture. In designing your office space, inject your firm’s slogans, logos, philosophy, attitude, products and color palette into the environment in order to showcase your firm’s corporate culture at the most elementary level. The clothing does not make the man, but it does make him more attractive!

#5 Creative and Inspirational

Office decals are not only meant to attract new customers and clients but to inspire your workforce and remind them of why they fell in love your company in the first place. Create spaces with office decals where people will be happy to work in.  Make your office space less corporate and a bit more personal.


Does your office need an injection of personality with some decals?  Get a custom decal quote AND lets get creative!


By +Chantelle Wasserman

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