Being a one-woman show in the decal/decorating industry for a while I more and more realise the importance of getting your message across. Whether it  is face-to-face, Facebook, emails, Twitter, talking over the phone, etc, we are constantly communicating and building relationships.
So for a bit of self improvement I did some research on the importance of speech and thought i’d share it with you.

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A good personality is of great value in all aspects of life. Doesn’t matter what career path you follow, it is something that helps develop and maintain solid relationships and friendships.

Speech plays a key role in personality development. It gives us the ability to effectively communicate and articulate our thoughts, ideas, and feelings. For some people this comes easy and naturally, while others are to shy and unsure of their ability to even try and articulate their thoughts.

In personality development, speech can be summed up as perception and expression.
The way we are perceived by others are influenced not only by how we look but also by what we say.  When you use positive speech and you talk with grace, finesse and confidence then you will most probably be perceived as someone with a charming personality.

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It is very difficult to improve your personality if you are unable to articulate your thoughts and feelings.  How will you develop personality if you are to shy and scared to open your mouth to speak? Being able to express ourselves through speech is essential to build relationships with people, but if we keep on holding back and decline any opportunity to improve, then nothing good will ever come out of it.

If you find it difficult to verbalize your thoughts and feeling, here are a few tips.  By following these, you are already doing your part to not only speak better and change peoples perception of you but also to improve your personality as well.

#1 Be confident.  You need to believe you are capable of articulating what you are feeling and thinking.

#2Use polite speech and bodylanguage.

#3 Modulate your voice and don’t speak too fast or too slow. Voice quality, along with body language and content, always plays a very crucial role on how people will perceive you when you speak.

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By +Chantelle Wasserman

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