Chalkboard labels

Did you know that CrazySexyCool sells chalkboard labels?

Get your home organised with our lovely chalkboard labels! These labels are perfect on glass,plastic, metal and wood (any smooth and flat surface will do).

Use them to spice up your pantry, organise your office, label your stationery or create beautiful place settings. Plus they are dishwasher safe.  Who does not love dishwasher safe…  :)

They work great in the garage too, to organise all the different types of fasteners and and little bits and bobs.

You can even make a “Happy Moments” jar, where you write every happy moment on a piece of paper and stick it in the jar, and then a year from now open it up and relive those great memories.

chalk lables Chalkboard labels


chalkboard label shapes Chalkboard labels


Would you like to jump on the organised life bandwagon? Email me today and lets get chalking.


P.S. We also have chalkboard pencils for sale icon smile Chalkboard labels

Headboard Wall Decals

One of the easiest ways to dress up your bedroom is to add a headboard.  A headboard instantly kicks up the style of any bed and adds a focal point to the room and turn a basic bedroom into a master suite

A Headboard decal is an economical way to decorate your bedroom and add sophistication and an overall completeness to your decor. The words modern grace comes to mind icon smile Headboard Wall Decals

Check out these cool ideas for headboard decals. AND Remember CrazySexyCool  can design a custom headboard decal for you and help you create your ultimate peaceful escape. Click here to send me an email and let me know how I can help you.

headboard11 Headboard Wall Decals Read more

Instant Opulence With Gold Decals

Add a dash of opulence instantaneously to your space with gold decals.
Check out these awesome ideas.

gold flower headboard Instant Opulence With Gold Decals

Lovely blossom gold headboard

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Family Tree Wall Decal

Your family is your greatest treasure. Why not make them your favorite work of art?

CrazySexyCool now offers Family trees with frames icon smile Family Tree Wall Decal
family tree Family Tree Wall Decal

The tree of life can be found here Read more

Decorating a professional space with decals

Recently I branded one of the restaurants in the Gordon Institute of Business Science, Lorenzo’s.
Gordon Institute of Business Science is the business school of the University of Pretoria in Pretoria, South Africa, and a leading South African business school.

A bit more on GIBS from the Dean:
GIBS was established in 2000 to be a place where people with potential, healthy ambition and respect for best practice are willing to engage like-minded peers and colleagues. The campus and its facilities have been designed to create a learning environment in which we all stretch our thinking, challenge existing ideas and develop a personal and organisational sense of where we need to go next.

Positioned in Sandton, Johannesburg, we partner with leading companies and are fortunate to attract the type of person to this campus who wants to make a significant impact. GIBS should be a place of hard work, inspiration, insight and hope – all aimed at building your, and our country’s, competitiveness.

Professor Nick Binedell

 For GIBS I installed 3 very large decals and on one wall custom printed wall paper. Check out the pictures below.
Gibs view Decorating a professional space with decals

In this picture you can see the 8meter wall paper on the top wall behind the counter as well as the 1.5meter eat and enjoy and the 5.5meter  quote by Pavarotti Read more

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