#1.  Clever Switch decals

Image from: Trendhunter.com

#2. Illusion of light and space

Add Space and light to any room with a mirrored effect wall decal.

#3. Create an optical illusion

Image from: Trendhunter.com

#4. Create a practical and stylish feature by combining fun coat hanger decals with hooks

#5. Instead of just putting your Trading Hours on your shop or business window, why not add a Facebook Like decal along with a QRcode?

facebook like and qr code decal

#6.  Use Decals to disguise cracks in the walls

#7. Mix traditional with modern

Monochrome ceiling roses are a great way to add instant traditional features to a modern room.

#8.  Cast a shadow of baroque elegance

This Chandelier Silhouette Sticker gives viewers the impression that your boring old ceiling lamp is casting the shadow of an elaborate chandelier.

#9. Headboard Decal

Give your bed a quick and easy makeover and make a bold statement in your space with a headboard decal.

#10. Change the ordinary into the extraordinary

Image from: the chive.com

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