As Valentine’s Day approaches once again, I think about what Valentine’s Day means to me.  The meaning of Valentine’s Day has changed over the years.  As I look back over my youth, I smile as I reminisce about Valentine’s Day when I was a child.  When I was growing up, Valentine’s Day was so much fun. Hearts and Flowers Window Decal

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I always looked forward to exchanging Valentine’s Day cards with my friends and classmates.  We had the cute little cards with the lollipops or heart shaped chocolates.  The cards that said “Will You Be My Valentine?”

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As we got older, it got too serious, it was no longer about fun and friendship.  Valentines were pretty much reserved for the one you were dating (if you were dating).

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Valentines day is about Love – not your relationship status.  Love is the greatest gift known to mankind and should be freely given.  So make this Valentines day a day to share love not only with your significant other but with your friends and with yourself.

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Go and make someone feel special even if it is yourself because EVERYONE deserves to feel special!

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