Recently I did some decals in a show house for a new development called Brooklyn Gate, in Brooklyn Pretoria.

In the lounge we did an aloe plant in white (buy aloe decal) and added a hummingbird to add to the authentic South African feel.

In the girls bedroom we decorated the walls with a swarm of silver butterflies, flying in through the window and across the room. The silver catches the light so beautifully.  Decorate your little girls room get them here (butterfly decals ).


In the boys bedroom we added some navy blue paper jets flying into and around the room. With these you get 6 paper jets and freedom to put them wherever you want and add the dashed lines to create and patterns that you desire.

Buy the paper planes decal

In the main bedroom we did a custom spring branch wall decal in a metallic light blue. The mirror on the next wall created an awesome ambiance and decal looks bigger as it is repeated on the other wall by the reflection. Get your own spring branch wall decal here.

Thanks Innovision and Diplomatic Properties for letting me take part in you exciting project.

By +Chantelle Wasserman

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