CrazySexyCool does custom wall decals!

What are custom wall decals, you ask?  If you have an idea or picture of something you’d like to be turned into a decal, just email it to me by filling in the form on the custom decals page. Here you can upload images and specify the size of the decal and I can then turn it into a decal to suit your personal needs.

For instance say you want to add some of Africa’s beauty into your home with a quiver tree and you have a photo such as this one.

Send it my way via the custom wall decals form and I will use my own CrazySexyCool ways to turn it into this.

I did the same thing with an aloe plant that I recently put up in a show house at the new Brooklyn Gate development.

I can even create decals from people such as this iconic photo of Nelson Mandela.


So if you have an idea or picture make you way over to the Custom Wall Decals page and send it through.

By +Chantelle Wasserman

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