Wall decals (aka wall stickers) are a fun and affordable way to transform any room from  blank and boring to stylish and unique.

Wall Decals are made from high quality vinyl and are available in many different colours, even florescent and metallic colours.

Wall decals are expressions of individual personality and style. When installing there is no mess, as with painting, but the decals can create an illusion of a painted-on design when especially using matt decals.

Definition from Wikipedia: Wall decals are stickers that are stuck to walls and other smooth surfaces for decoration and informational purposes. They are cut with vinyl cutting machines. Wall decals are usually one color per decal, but may also come in full color varieties. Also called wall stickers, wall tattoos, and wall vinyls.

Wall stickers are applied relatively quickly and are very easy to change. Stickers can be stuck on any smooth surface, such as; smooth walls, windows, doors, glass, floors, etc.

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By +Chantelle Wasserman

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