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With CrazySexyCool Wall Decals you can decorate your walls and just about anything with a smooth surface to reflect your individuality AND we even do shop window displays! Come browse through our awesome designs in the Shop, ask for a quote on Custom Decals, or read our Sticker Blog for some inspiration.

Still wondering? If so here is some more info:

Decals what?

Wall Decals (or wall vinyl stickers) are a fun way to transform any room from blank and boring to stylish and unique.
The vinyl used for the stickers are made from high quality vinyl and are available in many different colours, even fluorescents and metallics.

Stickers where?

Stickers are applied relatively quickly and are very easy to change.  Stickers can be stuck on any smooth surface, such as; smooth walls, windows, doors, glass, floors, etc.
Wall Decals can be used in offices, shops, on shop windows, homes and even rental homes as it does not damage painted walls.

Vinyls why?

Vinyl stickers for walls are expressions of individual personality and style.  When installing there is no mess, as with painting, but the decals can create an illusion of a painted-on design when especially using matt decals.  You do not have to have artistic skills or be a state-of-the-art home decorator to turn your plain living space into a wonderful one using wall decals.
Just like how easy it is to apply, vinyl wall decals are just as easy to remove without ruining the surface of the wall.


Step 1. So come browse our Decals Shop or do a Custom Decal Request.
Step 2. Follow installation instructions included in your package or we can do the installation for you.
Step 3. Enjoy!  Your space has now been transformed