Tiwa Savage Speaks on Unfair Comparisons with Other Female Artists in Nigeria

Posted by Declan Venter

Tiwa Savage Speaks on Unfair Comparisons with Other Female Artists in Nigeria

Tiwa Savage Opens Up About Comparisons in the Music Industry

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage, a renowned and cherished figure in the music industry, has recently opened up about the constant comparisons she faces against other female artists. These comparisons, often fueled by fans, have left her feeling frustrated and misunderstood. ‘Each time a new female artist emerges,’ she noted, ‘fans are quick to declare that they are here to take my throne.’ This sentiment, Savage believes, is misguided and unproductive.

Speaking candidly in a recent interview with BET, Savage shed light on how these comparisons place undue pressure on both herself and the rising talents in Nigeria’s vibrant music scene. The implicit suggestion that only one female artist can occupy the top spot feeds into a narrative of competition that Savage firmly rejects. Instead, she chooses to foster a sense of camaraderie and support among female artists.

Music is Not a Competition

Tiwa Savage is unequivocal in her belief that music is an art form, not a contest. ‘Music is far too diverse and subjective to be reduced to a mere competition,’ she explained. For her, the essence of music lies in expression and connection, not in battling for supremacy. This outlook aligns with her approach to the industry, where she prioritizes collaboration over rivalry.

Her friendships with new female artists are a testament to this philosophy. By building bridges rather than walls, Savage creates a nurturing environment where talent can flourish without the shadow of competition. This approach also helps mitigate the toxic fan culture that pits artists against each other and distracts from their creative contributions.

Shifting the Focus to Male Artists

Interestingly, Savage pointed out that the real competition in the industry lies with male artists. The disproportionate attention and resources often afforded to male counterparts can overshadow the contributions of female artists. In this context, the constant comparison between female artists seems not only misplaced but also unfair.

This was vividly illustrated when Tyla, a female artist, won the maiden Best African Music Performance category at the Grammys. Beating several male nominees was a significant milestone that resonated with Savage. It underscored the potential for female artists to excel in a landscape typically dominated by men, and it highlighted the importance of recognizing and celebrating such achievements.

Support and Mentorship

Support and Mentorship

One of the ways Savage mitigates the pressure of comparisons is through mentorship. By offering guidance and support to emerging artists, she helps them navigate the complexities of the music industry. ‘It’s incredibly rewarding to see new talents grow and succeed,’ she shared. ‘Their success doesn’t diminish mine; it’s a validation of the collective strength and creativity of African women in music.’

This mentorship goes beyond mere advice. Savage actively collaborates with new artists, inviting them to perform at her shows and featuring them in her music projects. This not only boosts their visibility but also provides them with valuable experience and exposure. For Savage, these collaborations are enriching and mutually beneficial.

Fans' Role in Shaping Perceptions

Savage's comments also reflect a broader issue within fan culture. The fervor and passion of fans, while a driving force behind an artist's success, can sometimes create a divisive environment. By constantly pitting artists against each other, fans perpetuate a winner-takes-all mentality, which can be detrimental to the industry’s overall health.

Savage encouraged fans to appreciate the uniqueness of each artist without drawing comparisons. ‘Every artist brings something different to the table,’ she said. ‘It’s that diversity that makes the music scene so rich and exciting.’ Her call to action is clear: support all artists, male or female, and celebrate their contributions without the need for competition.

A Brighter Future for Female Artists

As the conversation around gender equality in the music industry gains momentum, Tiwa Savage's stance is both timely and crucial. By advocating for solidarity and support among female artists, she sets a powerful example for others to follow. Her belief that there's enough room for everyone at the top is not just refreshing, but essential for the progress of the industry.

Tiwa Savage’s journey is a testament to resilience, talent, and the power of positive influence. As she continues to break barriers and inspire new generations, her message of unity over competition is more relevant than ever. For budding female artists looking up to her, Savage remains an icon of what’s possible when talent is combined with a supportive and inclusive mindset.

In conclusion, Tiwa Savage's reflections serve as a reminder that the true essence of music is in its ability to connect, uplift, and inspire. By rejecting the notion of competition among female artists, she paves the way for a more inclusive and harmonious industry. As fans and industry stakeholders, embracing this perspective can lead to a richer, more diverse musical landscape, where every artist has the opportunity to shine.

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