Veteran Nollywood Actor Kanayo O Kanayo Alleges Contract Breach by Teen Actress Angel Unigwe

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Veteran Nollywood Actor Kanayo O Kanayo Alleges Contract Breach by Teen Actress Angel Unigwe

Kanayo O Kanayo Alleges Contract Breach by Teen Actress Angel Unigwe

In a recent turn of events, veteran Nollywood actor and producer Kanayo O. Kanayo has made headlines, not for a new movie, but for allegations surrounding a contract breach involving teen sensation Angel Unigwe. Kanayo, well-respected in the Nigerian film industry for his diverse roles and contributions, took to social media to voice his grievances.

According to Kanayo, the young actress, only in her teens, was pulled out of a project by her mother prematurely. The contractual agreement, he stated, was clear – Angel was to remain on set until midnight. However, the agreement was allegedly disregarded when her mother decided to take her off the set, leading to incomplete filming and a disrupted schedule.

Social Media Outburst

In a video message shared on his Instagram page, Kanayo did not hold back. He detailed the incident, urging other Nollywood producers to refrain from working with Angel Unigwe until the matter was resolved. “We cannot have this kind of behavior in our industry,” he stated, asserting that professionalism and respect for contractual obligations are key to the industry's growth.

This strong stance has sparked a flurry of reactions online, with opinions divided. Some members of the public sympathize with Kanayo, understanding the challenges producers face when contracts are not honored. Others believe that there might be more to the story, suggesting the need for a balanced viewpoint.

Past Incidents and Industry Impact

Kanayo also mentioned that this was not an isolated incident. He claimed to have received similar reports about Angel and her mother from other producers. These reports, if substantiated, could point towards a recurring issue that might affect the young actress’s career more gravely than anticipated.

The entertainment industry is notorious for its tight schedules and costly delays. Any disruption, especially those involving key cast members, can lead to significant financial losses and time wastage. If such behaviors become the norm, it threatens the overall productivity and credibility of Nollywood productions.

A History of Professionalism

Kanayo did not shy away from acknowledging his past working relationship with Angel Unigwe. He stated that they had worked well together, and his grievances were primarily directed at her mother’s interference. This gives a nuanced perspective, suggesting the professional capabilities of Angel Unigwe might not be in question; rather, it’s the management and guardian issues that could be the root cause.

Ensuring a comfortable working environment for child actors involves more than just the actor's will. Guardians and managers play a significant role. Their actions impact the actors' reputation and their prospects in the industry. If the trust between producers and guardians falters, then larger issues about child actors' welfare and management come to the forefront.

The Industry's Responsibility

Kanayo’s call for a boycott underscores a broader industry concern: enforcing standards. While drastic, it highlights the need for deterring unprofessional conduct. There's a consensus that there needs to be an industry standard that holds everyone accountable.

Producers and industry stakeholders are the backbone of Nollywood. When they voice concerns, it is a reflection of deeper systemic issues. It becomes imperative for regulatory bodies within the industry to step up and address such concerns, ensuring future collaborations run smoothly.

Awaiting a Response

As of now, neither Angel Unigwe nor her mother has come forward with their side of the story. Public opinion remains in limbo, waiting to hear a counter-narrative or explanation that might shed light on the circumstances. Transparency and open communication will be vital in resolving this issue publicly and professionally.

This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges and complexities in the entertainment world. It brings to attention the importance of adhering to agreements and maintaining professionalism regardless of one's stature or age in the industry.


In summary, Kanayo O. Kanayo's allegations against Angel Unigwe and her mother have stirred significant attention within Nollywood. It has sparked conversations about industry practices, professionalism, and the dynamics of working with young actors and their guardians. The resolution of this issue could set a precedent and perhaps instigate a review of existing protocols to safeguard against future occurrences.

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